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Google Summer Of Code 2013 Student Applications now closed and some statistics

09 May 2013 David Watson gsoc
Having being very pleased to be accepted once again by Google as one of the lucky mentoring organization for GSoC 2013, we had eagerly awaited the student application period starting and the excitement (and occasional drama) that always brings. Once again we were not disappointed, with a steady stream of students getting in touch with us via our public mailing list or IRC channel (#gsoc-honeynet on and exploring project ideas with us.

Google Summer of Code 2013 Student Application Deadline Friday May 3rd 19:00 UTC

02 May 2013 David Watson gsoc
With less that 24 hours now remaining until the official deadline for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013 student applications (19:00 UTC Friday May 3rd 2013), this is our final call for interested and eligible GSoC students. If you are interested or intend to get involved, please apply now. For anyone new to the GSoC program, or anyone who has already talked to us on IRC (#gsoc-honeynet on or on our public GSoC mailing list, please remember that you must still submit your student application the Google’s official GSoC 2013 form in Melange for it to be official.

Google Summer of Code 2013 Participating Mentoring Organizations Announced

09 Apr 2013 David Watson gsoc
After a tense few days for all of the organizations who applied, The Honeynet Project is delighted to announce that it has once again been selected as one the participating mentoring organizations in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013. This is great news and should make for another very exciting summer for many students, mentors and team members, so many thanks to Google’s and their Open Source Projects Office for their continued support of both us and free open source software (FLOSS) in general.

GSoC 2013 Announced

02 Mar 2013 David Watson gsoc
Like many other open source organizations, The Honeynet Project’s members have been excitedly waiting to hear if Google would be running their Google Summer of Code (GSoC) initiative again this year. Well, the wait the over and GSoC 2013 has officially been announced on Google’s Open Source Blog. This is great news! The timing of Google’s announcement was perfect, since the Honeynet Project were holding our Annual Workshop in Dubai the same week, which gave us time to hit the ground running and kick off internal preparations.

HoneyProxy 1.1 - Dubai - released!

24 Jan 2013 Maximilian Hils gsoc
Ready for the Honeynet Project Meeting in February, we are pleased to announce our second release of HoneyProxy! Started as a Google Summer of Code 2012 project, HoneyProxy is a lightweight tool that allows live HTTP and HTTPS traffic inspection and analysis. This release features a new Report Editor which allows you to analyze your flows, aggregate data or search for anomalies in your traffic dumps. It is our first independent release after GSoC 2012 and I’m happy to say that HoneyProxy has grown steadily over the last months.

Alaska Chapter - Status Report 2011-2012

15 Nov 2012 Brian Hay gsoc
ORGANIZATION • Brian Hay (Chapter Lead, Full Member) • Kara Nance (BoD Member, Full Member) • Chris Hecker • Clark Harshbarger • Matt Bishop • Wesley McGrew • Lucas McDaniel DEPLOYMENTS • 1 Honeeebox in Alaska • Purchased multiple other Honeeeboxes available for third party deployments • Periodic Dionaea deployments in both public and private clouds for student and demonstration use. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT 1. Ongoing development of hypervisor-based honeypot monitoring using virtual machine introspection (VMI) on Xen and KVM platforms.

HpfeedsHoneyGraph - Automated Attack Graph Construction for Hpfeeds Logs

11 Sep 2012 Julia Yuchin Cheng attack-graph d3-v2 gsoc gsoc-2012-d67
Finally it is good enough to announce my GSoC project - HpfeedsHoneyGraph which is a Splunk APP to display attack graph for hpfeeds logs. It is not a easy project for me to complete in short time. During the last three months, I have to learn several skills for implementation including HPfeeds logs correlation of several hpfeeds channels, Splunk frameworks, Splunk REST API , D3.v2.js graph library and fast-fluxing modules. The most difficult challenge for me is to write javascript code.

Project 12 - Improving APKInspektor

10 Sep 2012 Yuan Tian gsoc
The updated version of APKInspector is a powerful static analysis tool for Android Malicious applications. It provide convenient and various features for smartphone security engineers. With the sensitive permission analysis, static instrumentation and easy-to-use graph-code interaction .etc, they can get a thorough and deep understanding of the malicious applications on Android. The improvement mainly focus on two categories: User Interface and Security Analysis. The goal is to build an easy-to-use tool with strong security analysis features.

Project 6 - IPv6 attack detector Report

28 Aug 2012 phamvantoan gsoc
1 Introduction As the end of GSoC 2012 will come in the next few days, i am proud to announce IPv6-guard. IPv6-guard is an IPv6 attack detector tool including some defense mechanisms to protect against most of recent attacks on ipv6 protocol suite. 2 IPv6-Guard 2.1 How it works At first, the tool will gather “genuine” informations of connected network. Those information includes IP and MAC address of neighbors and routers on the network.

Beta Release of DroidBox for Android 2.3 and APIMonitor

23 Aug 2012 Kun Yang android apimonitor dalvik droidbox dynamic gsoc
I’m announcing the new features of Android dynamic analysis tool DroidBox as GSoC 2012 approaches the end. In this release, I would like to introduce two parts of my work: DroidBox porting and APIMonitor. DroidBox for Android 2.3 Based on TaintDroid 2.3, I’ve ported DroidBox to support Android 2.3 and fixed some bugs. Download bata version: Source code repository: Usage is same with the previous version. You can check the project page.