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This page contains a list of tools and services that we use on a regular basis. Most of these tools have been created by our members and GSoC students, but some are also external and not affiliated with the Honeynet Project. If you see that a specific tool is not listed, but should, feel free to email [email protected]. Projects are sorted by last commit date.

Active Projects


Web Application Honeypot


A vulnerability analyzer for honeypots

Website GitHub 18 Python MIT
cybersecurity cybersecurity-assessments dos-attack exploitation fuzzing honeypots passive-vulnerability-scanner ssh-honeypot vulnerability-scanner


An interactive TLS-capable intercepting HTTP proxy for penetration testers and software developers.

Website GitHub 34.9k Python MIT
debugging http http2 man-in-the-middle mitmproxy proxy python security ssl tls websocket

Intel Owl

IntelOwl: manage your Threat Intelligence at scale

Website GitHub 3170 Python AGPL-3.0
cyber-security cyber-threat-intelligence cybersecurity dfir enrichment hacktoberfest honeynet incident-response intel-owl ioc malware-analysis malware-analyzer osint osint-python python


Python low-interaction honeyclient

GitHub 964 Python GPL-2.0
client-honeypot honeyclient low-interaction python security-tools shellcode virustotal


Threat Intel Platform for T-POTs

GitHub 119 Python MIT
cyber-threat-intelligence cybersecurity hacktoberfest honeypot ioc open-source python threat-intelligence threatintel tpot


He who flays the hide

GitHub 214 Python GPL-3.0
honeypot security


Super Next generation Advanced Reactive honEypot

Website GitHub 431 Python GPL-3.0
hacktoberfest honeypot security


The All In One Multi Honeypot Platform 🐝

GitHub 6211 C GPL-3.0
deception docker elk honeypot network-security security t-pot


A lightweight test input generator for Android. Similar to Monkey, but with more intelligence and cool features!

GitHub 749 Python MIT


Black-box Binary Analysis

introspection malware-analysis virtualization xen


Website GitHub 24 Go GPL-3.0
honeypot visualization


Generic Low Interaction Honeypot

GitHub 235 Go MIT
hacktoberfest honeypot


VoIP honeypot system

GitHub 7 Python MIT
honeypot voip


an Open Source Django App whose main purpose is to detect login anomalies

GitHub 18 Python Apache-2.0


the IoT and OT (Operational Technology) Honeypot

GitHub 15 Go MIT


ICS/SCADA honeypot

GitHub 1201 Python GPL-2.0
hacktoberfest honeypot ics python scada security


will provide an easy way to analyze pcap using the latest version of Suricata and Zeek.

GitHub 140 Zeek


SSH Honeypot

GitHub 1590 Python


Dynamic analysis of Android apps

GitHub 743 Python

Old Projects


Home of the dionaea honeypot

Website GitHub 683 Python GPL-2.0
dionaea honeypot security


Sandbox is an automated dynamic malware analysis system

Website GitHub 5457 JavaScript


GitHub 52 Python

Google Hack Honeypot

Google Hack Honeypot

GitHub 6 PHP GPL-2.0
honeypot security


a low-interaction honeypot

GitHub 93 C GPL-2.0


GitHub 20 Java MIT


A high interaction client honeypot

Capture BAT

a behavioral analysis tool of applications for the Win32 operating system family.

GitHub 28 C++ GPL-2.0


GitHub 13 Python


GitHub 8 Ruby


GitHub 4 C++ GPL-2.0


a powerful GUI tool for analysts to analyze the Android applications.

GitHub 833 Java


A high-interaction malware collection toolkit


A low-interaction honeypot


A portable honeynet demonstration and incident response tool

Latest Activity

errorxyz opened a pull request in mitmproxy/mitmproxy. · at June 17, 2024
71 additions and 13 deletions in 3 changed files.
g4ze opened a pull request in intelowlproject/IntelOwl. · at June 17, 2024
2 additions and 0 deletions in 1 changed files.
g4ze pushed to intelowlproject/IntelOwl · at June 17, 2024
1b171cf typo :"(
mhils opened a pull request in mitmproxy/mitmproxy. · at June 17, 2024
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c3406fe Minor change
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18de1cf Minor change
afeena pushed to mushorg/tanner · at June 10, 2024
1 commit to mushorg/tanner
3bc9ae2 '<3.0.0' is removed and dependency problem is resolved (#433)
afeena pushed to mushorg/snare · at June 10, 2024
1 commit to mushorg/snare
b17fdfe Update snare (#328)
drosetti pushed to intelowlproject/GreedyBear · at June 5, 2024
73e9ecf work-in-progress solve recaptcha login problem
ZeddYu opened a pull request in honeynet/droidbot. · at June 4, 2024
drmkeeper opened a pull request in tklengyel/drakvuf. · at June 3, 2024
83 additions and 41 deletions in 1 changed files.
glaslos opened a pull request in mushorg/glutton. · at June 1, 2024
178 additions and 6 deletions in 7 changed files.
glaslos pushed to mushorg/glutton · at June 1, 2024
1 commit to mushorg/glutton
698fd4f cleanup
mlodic pushed to intelowlproject/GreedyBear · at May 30, 2024
5d27503 added logrotate files
XixianLiang opened a pull request in honeynet/droidbot. · at May 24, 2024
3 additions and 2 deletions in 1 changed files.
Swangeon opened a pull request in honeynet/honeyscanner. · at May 16, 2024
664 additions and 525 deletions in 3 changed files.
tklengyel pushed to tklengyel/drakvuf · at May 15, 2024
10 commits to tklengyel/drakvuf
e2594a0 Add clang source based coverage option (#1790) 44662f3 Fix index out of bounds error in procmon (#1792) 11ebb4b Make procmon code safer with potential TOCTOU path (#1793)
dependabot pushed to honeynet/ochi · at April 19, 2024
20 commits to honeynet/ochi
d6f0946 switch to svelte 12d390e use svelte more ae940c6 remove invalid import
tobiasfunke1 opened a pull request in honeynet/whisperpot. · at April 2, 2024
1 additions and 1 deletions in 1 changed files.
aristofanischionis pushed to honeynet/honeyscanner · at March 29, 2024
1 commit to honeynet/honeyscanner
03bb01e NVD API 2.0 support (#27)