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Google Summer of Code

The Honeynet Project has participated 15 times in the Google Summer of Code. Throughout the years, it has been an important and successful event for the organization. Many former GSoC students have become successful contributors, GSoC mentors and admins themselves. Every year Google Summer of Code provides a breeze of fresh air into the Honeynet Project, motivating students, mentors and organization members alike.

Every year we are trying to gather as many successful students as possible at our in-person workshop to provide an opportunity for the students to present their work, meet their mentors and many members of the organization.

Application template

If you are considering applying to participate with us in Google Summer of Code, please find our application template here. Use it when you are preparing your application on the official GSoC site and don’t hesitate to ask your mentors for feedback before submitting!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked question and their answers.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions, please drop by in our Discord and say “hi” (note that our members do have to sleep and come from timezones all over the world, so please be patient and wait a few hours if you have a specific question).