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The Honeynet Project is a leading international 501(c)(3) non-profit security research organization, dedicated to investigating the latest attacks and developing open source security tools to improve Internet security. With chapters around the world, our volunteers have contributed to fight against malware (such as Confickr), discovering new attacks and creating security tools used by businesses and government agencies all over the world.

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Glutton 1.0 Release

23 Sep 2023 Lukas Rist honeypot glutton

I’d like to announce the 1.0 release of the server-side, low-interaction honeypot Glutton!

We build Glutton as a versatile honeypot, capable of receiving any network traffic by accepting connections on any port. Bein very easy to adapt and extend, Glutton is a fantastic tool to understand

GSoC 2023 Project summary: Frontend Improvements for Buffalogs, IntelOwl

27 Aug 2023 Matteo Lodi gsoc intelowl buffalogs
Our dedicated Google Summer of Code (GSoC) participant, Abheek, has spent an impressive three-month duration program actively contributing to not one, but two distinct projects: IntelOwl and Buffalogs. Notably, Abheek undertook the responsibility of crafting the brand-new official website for IntelOwl throughout this period. In light of this significant achievement, we believe it is only fitting to showcase his remarkable results and contributions within the official IntelOwl site, in which he discuses his journey as a designer/frontend developer, the tasks involved and the detailed contributions to both projects, including the revamping of IntelOwl’s website, implementing JWT authentication for Buffalogs, creating maps and graphs for BuffaLogs’ dashboard, and crafting a frontend guide for IntelOwl using react-joyride.

GSoC 2022 Project summary: Creating Playbooks for IntelOwl

06 Oct 2022 Matteo Lodi gsoc intelowl threatintel

Our GSoC student Aditya Narayan Sinha was working for three months under the supervision of Matteo Lodi on the OSINT platform IntelOwl, specifically on introducing playbooks that define automated actions associated with the observation of a specific indicator of compromise.

Read on for an overview of their achievements and how they successfully contributed towards IntelOwl and some considerations for the future.

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