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Google Summer of Code 2024 Announcement

25 Feb 2024 Lukas Rist gsoc

We are happy to announce that we have been selected as an organization to participate in Google Summer of Code 2024! This will be the 15th time that Honeynet is participating in the Google Summer of Code program to accelerate the creation of information- and cyber security related tools that are free and open source software. We are now entering the community bonding phase during which students are encouraged to reach out and interact with organizations and start getting involved with potential projects. We strongly recommend to join our Discord.

The following two major milestones for GSoC'24 are the Contributor Proposals Open on March 18 and the *Contributor Proposal Deadline on April 02. During this phase, students can use our list of project to write an application following our template. Like every year, only applications through Googles platform are considered.

We strongly recommend to use our community on Discord to connect with other students and the mentors. Familiarize yourself with the projects proposed for this year and try to get involved. Making small changes, getting used to the development flow of the project and getting to know some names is the best way to prepare for the application period.

A successful application demonstrates a good understanding of the proposed project. The easiest path there is by asking questions: To fellow students, mentors and current and previous contributors.