Frequently Asked Questions

1. “I am a student and want to contribute to your Google Summer of Code projects. What should I do?”

Please refrain from contacting us via Email. Rather please join our GSoC Slack channel at and ask your questions there.

2. How do I contribute to the development of a Honeynet Project tool?

You have to contact the project owner. Most of the time this is a current or former project member and the project might actually be stale or inactive. In that case you can try to submit patches or fork the project eventually.

3. How do I participate in The Honeynet Project?

You can start by joining our GSoC programs or contributing to the development of our tools. You can also find the chapter that is close to your place or suitable with your research area.

4. How do I contact The Honeynet Project?

Please only contact the project only if this FAQ does not answer your question. Otherwise you might not get an answer!

5. Questions About GDPR Data Access Process for

We don’t save or collect any information about our site visitors.

6. I want to study the pcap file that was used for project XXX. I would appreciate it if I could get the file for educational purposes.

Everything we have from past Forensic Challenges can be found at the link You can try to contact the authors of the project/challenge, if that is not successful you can contact the project via our email address.

7. Is The Honeynet Project a non-profit organization?

Yes, we are a 501c3 non-profit security research organization.

8. Can I donate money, resources, or equipment to THP?

You can see further information on our website:

9. What happened to the forensic challenges? Are you still actively working on new challenges?

Everything we have from past Forensic Challenges can be found at the link, we are not working on new challenges at the moment.

10. Can I use the forensics challenges in my own class/private workshops?

See FAQ 6.