Released peepdf v0.3

18 Jun 2014 Jose Esparza analysis exploit pdf shellcode tool vulnerabilities
After some time without releasing any new version here is peepdf v0.3. It is not that I was not working in the project, but since the option to update the tool from the command line was released creating new versions became a secondary task. Besides this, since January 2014 Google removed the option to upload new downloads to the Google Code projects, so I had to figure out how to do it.

APKInspector BETA Release & Demo Video

24 Aug 2011 Ryan W Smith analysis android apk demo gsoc tool video
As the deadline of GSOC has passed, I would like to announce the APKinspector Beta1.0. APKinspector is a tool to help Android application analysts and reverse engineers to analyze the compiled Android packages and their corresponding codes. You can review the Alpha version report and the page of this project to know more about it. Click the picture below to watch a full demonstration video of APKInspector: Chinese viewers may view the demo at: http://v.

The Honeynet Project Releases New Tool: streams

05 Apr 2011 Anton Chuvakin release tool
Tillmann Werner from the Giraffe Honeynet Project chapter just released the first version of “streams”, a tool for browsing, mining and processing TCP streams in pcap files. If you ever needed to process large pcap files on a session level, you will love this tool. Have a look at the README to get an impression of its capabilities. The README contains some sample output and tool description. Tillmann’s talk “High Performance Sniffing” from The Honeynet Project public workshop covers this tool:

The Honeynet Project Releases New Tool: Cuckoo

23 Feb 2011 Anton Chuvakin malware news tool
Here is another tool release from The Honeynet Project: Cuckoo Box by Claudio Guarnieri. Cuckoo is a binary analysis sandbox, designed and developed with the general purpose of automating the analysis of malware. Read more about the tool here, grab the tool here – but please read detailed setup guide here (make sure to read it!). BTW, this tool is really well-documented, so make use of it before deploying it.

The Honeynet Project Releases New Tool: PhoneyC

09 Feb 2011 Anton Chuvakin tool
Here is another new release from the Project: a release of a new tool called PhoneyC, a virtual client honeypot. PhoneyC is a virtual client honeypot, meaning it is not a real application (that can be compromised by attackers and then monitored for analysis of attacker behavior), but rather an emulated client, implemented in Python. The main thing it does is scour web pages looking for those that attack the browser.