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Announcing the publication of Know Your Tools: Glastopf - A dynamic, low-interaction web application honeypot

15 Nov 2010 Christian Seifert Lukas Rist kye kyt paper publication
Folks, I am very pleased to announce the publication of our Know Your Tools paper: Glastopf - A dynamic, low-interaction web application honeypot authored by Lukas Rist of the Chicago Honeynet Project Chaper and Sven Vetsch, Marcel Kossin, and Michael Mauer. The paper is available from Paper abstract Currently, attacks against web applications make up more than 60% of the total number of attempted attacks on the Internet. Organizations cannot afford to allow their websites be compromised, as this can result in serving malicious content to customers, or leaking customer’s data.

LEET09 Paper: PhoneyC: A Virtual Client Honeypot

24 Apr 2009 Jose Nazario phoneyc paper leet09 honeyclient
Earlier this week I had the good fortune to be in Boston for LEET09, a workshop on exploits, malware, and large-scale trends. I presented on PhoneyC, the Python honeyclient I’ve been working on. The paper describes the architecture and features of the tool and a real world evaluation and test. The talk was well received, and many thanks to the organizers of the conference and the PC for their helpful reviews.