The new version of dorothy2 is out!

27 Oct 2014 Marco Riccardi dorothy forensics sandbox
Howdy all, The Italian Chapter is proud to release the latest version of dorothy2 (our ruby-based malware analysis framework) :). The new features introduced by this versions are severals. A lot of work has been done on the core system, by making the whole system even more modular and customisable. A dummy webgui written in Sinatra has been also introduced, in order to let the analyst able to browse within the results.

Unveiling Dorothy2: a malware/botnet analysis framework written in Ruby.

09 Jun 2013 Marco Riccardi botnet dorothy malware sandbox
Howdy all, I’ve the pleasure to *finally* unveil the second version of Dorothy: a malware/botnet analysis framework written in Ruby. Dorothy2 is a framework created for mass malware analysis. Currently, it is mainly based on analyzing the network behavior of a virtual machine where a suspicious executable was executed. However, static binary analysis and system behavior analysis will be shortly introduced in further versions. Dorothy is a multi-thread framework: it is able to execute as many concurrent analysis processes as the number of the VMs present in vSphere.

Italian Chapter updates

16 Dec 2009 Marco Riccardi botnets dorothy visualization
Folks, I would like to inform you all about our recent activities that we are attempting to achieve. First of all, we have totally rebuilt our web site. This new ones aim to be a central repository of all the (external/internal) news concerning botnets (mainly) and malwares (secondary). We will use the blog for posting about our project developments, and for commenting/reporting interesting news concerning the field that we are currently treating, so you can now add a new entry to your feeds reader :)