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AfterGlow Cloud: Second release

20 Aug 2012 Surya Nallu afterglow afterglow-cloud data-visualization gsoc
AfterGlow cloud has evolved further into another release; with many improvements added to the initial version. With GSoC 2012 approaching an end, we’ve covered all the additional features we planned for in the second phase of development, post mid-term. Building up on the initial version, this post will run you through the general features and additional improvements covered. A live demo of this release can be found here: Data sources: In addition to the initial method of uploading AfterGlow compatible CSV file, the application now supports two new methods of visualizing your data.

AfterGlow Cloud: Initial release

10 Jul 2012 Surya Nallu afterglow afterglow-cloud data-visualization gsoc
With the marking of the mid-term milestone in GSoC 2012, we’re happy to announce a first version release of AfterGlow Cloud. After a lot of discussions and review the project seems to be in a good position for an initial release. The project in essential is based on AfterGlow [1], a security visualization tool which facilitates generating visual graphs from data you upload. The tool described at [1] is originally command-line based, the aim of this project, in general is to bring this tool and its options to the cloud – so as to provide a neat interface for on-the-fly visualizations.