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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the list of project ideas for this year?
    Our project ideas can be found here

  • How do I get started?
    Read through the list of ideas and identify the project ideas you find interesting. Play around with our tools! Install the project, use it. Have a look at the issue tracker.

  • How do I start contributing to a project?
    Often projects have issues tagged which are considered good starting points. Updating documentation is often a low barrier start and gets you familiar with the process of contributing to an open source project.

  • How do I get in contact with the mentors and other students?
    Join us on Discord and talk to your potential mentors.

  • How do I write an application
    Applications always need to go through Googles platform. We strongly advise to use our application template here. Use Discord to talk to other students and have an opportunity to ask questions to your potential mentors.

  • Are there other ways to get involved?
    GSoC is not the only way you can become involved in the with honeynet technologies and open source software - check out our current series of forensic challenges. Or learn more about the practical, real world application of honeynet technology in our popular series of “Know Your Enemy” whitepapers.