Forensic Challenge 14 – “Weird Python”

Just in time for the Honeynet Workshop in Stavanger, we’re happy to announce a new Forensic Challenge! What’s more, there are great prizes for the best submissions:

  1. 1st Prize: Ticket for the full workshop (3 days), including 3 nights of hotel (Value: ~3000 USD)
  2. 2nd Prize: Ticket for the full workshop (3 days) (Value: 2450 USD)
  3. 3rd Prize: Two tickets for the first day (Value: 1380 USD)

This time, our challenge has it all: Lazy bosses, ninjas, weird Python code, personal tragedies, super safe custom crypto and the Honeynet Workshop in Stavanger. Head over to the challenge page to find out more! Submissions are due March 31th (this leaves you with over two weekends of challenge madness, caffeine, and sleepless nights!).

Maximilian Hils
The Honeynet Project