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Our New Web Site

31 Jul 2023 Lukas Rist announcement

It has been almost 15 years since Lance announced our new web site on August 12th 2008. While you are already enjoying the pleasures of our now home, read on for a quick tour…

The Honeynet Project had since its inception Awareness as one of its main pillars of existence, and our website is our main gateway into our work and community:

We have a collection of in-depth technical papers ranging from topics like Containing Conficker, over Quebec to The Social Dynamics of Hacking taking us along for a ride to understand how the skills, motives, and social relationships shape the actions of individual attackers.

Since 2009 we are participating in the Google Summer of Code, an effort together with Google to introduce students to Open Source and the world of information security. This has led to amazing projects like the malware analysis sandbox Cuckoo, the web application honeypot Glastopf, and the DroidBox tool for dynamic APK analysis. We are participating again this year, so stay tuned for the project reports coming soon.

With already 14 challenges available, we have a treasure trove of exercises from entry to expert level difficulties. I’m sure I can interest you in an adventure into steganography or a deep dive into Python bytecode.

To round it up, let me tell you about our annual workshops consisting of a conference with cyber deception experts from around the world offering their latest research and findings and teaching you the craft of catching the attackers in sticky honeypots. Have an eye out for what will be happening in our next Workshop edition in ‘24.

Big thanks to Maximilian Hils, Abhinav Saxena, and our infrastructure team for helping making our new web site possible.