The Honeynet Project will bring GSoC students to the annual workshop in Canberra

03 Nov 2017 Roberto Tanara canberra gsoc workshop

The Honeynet Project annual workshop is just few days away, members and security folks from all over the world will gather in Canberra, Australia November 15th-17th. Every year the Honeynet Project, with the support of Google, funds a bunch of students that were admitted to the Google Summer of Code program and successfully completed their project assignments. They will have a chance to travel to the workshop and meet face to face with honeynet members and grown up experts in the security field.

Nikos is a GSoC student from Greece. Under the supervision of Lukas Rist and Hugo Gascon, he created a new open source Go library for application layer protocol identification of traffic flows. “I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation to the workshop, and made sure to quickly sort everything out for my trip. This means much to me: I will be visiting a new continent that I’ve wanted to go to for a long time, in order to attend a workshop on my subject of interest, which will also be a new experience for me! I also look forward to meeting the people I’ve been working with during this summer. Thinking about it, it all seems very overwhelming, but I’m counting the days until the workshop!”

Ziyue Yang worked on ReDroid this summer, implementing some detecting and countering tools for anti-sandbox techniques in Android apps. “I’m excited to share what I’ve done this summer, and I look forward to to know people with common interest and learn about what everyone is working on”.

Yuanchun Li worked on DroidBot project for GSoC 2016, and he was a mentor for the ReDroid project this year. “I’ve been to last year’s workshop in San Antonio, where I really enjoyed hanging out with those “geeks”. I assure you this year’s workshop in Canberra will be even more amazing, see you all there!”.

Roman has an interesting story to share: he’ll catch a plane for the first time! Don’t worry Roman, from Ukraine you’ll have plenty of time onboard to marvel at your first flight! “I worked on Heralding this summer, where I ported the whole project from Python 2/gevent to Python 3/asyncio and added a support of imap protocol. I couldn’t even imagine that I would be able to get so soon to Australia. Cosidering the fact that I have never flown on a plane, this invitation is really exciting and means much to me, I’ll be able to meet many true professionals, learn a lot of cool things and of course visit Down Under!”

Zhijian Shao, also known as Matthew, applied to a mitmproxy project last summer, and he implemented some new features for the Web UI, mitmweb. “GSoC brought me into the open source development with top developers, while the trip to the workshop will provide me a chance to talk to our members face to face. Meeting them in person and listening their visionary thoughts on cyber security will definitely inspire me a lot more than just reading their code. I’m ready for the exciting trip to canberra!”

Thanks guys for your hard work last summer and congratulations for your achievements, see you all in Canberra!