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DDOS alerting service

24 Nov 2016 Rogier Spoor ddos-honeypot

SIDN Fund offers financial support for DDOS alerting service

Within our HoneyNED chapter two people are working on DDOS detection techniques by using honeypot technology. The knowledge about which DDOS attacks are ‘running’ and which sites are under attack is interesting for a broader audience than our HoneyNED chapter. We’ve decided to start creating a public DDOS alerting service and applied for financial support here for by SIDN Fund.

SIDN Fund stands for ‘a strong internet for all’ and provides financial support to ideas and projects that aim to make the internet stronger or that use the internet in innovative ways. By doing so, SIDN Fund wants to help increase the social impact of the internet in the Netherlands. SIDN Fund is an independent foundation established by SIDN, the foundation for internet domain registration in the Netherlands.

SIDN Fund has decided to offer financial support for HoneyNED in order to create the DDOS alerting service. We’re very much pleased and will make sure the service will be available within 12 months. For further information please read the full SIDN Fund press release (in Dutch):

Lennart & Rogier