Frontends for shockpot and wordpot

04 Dec 2015 Stanislav Barta frontend honeypot shockpot wordpot


recently I published forks of shockpot and wordpot on GitHub. 

These new versions include support for logging to postgresql database. I also created two frontends. One for shockpot with a name Shockpot-Frontend and second for wordpot with a name Wordpot-Frontend. Both frontends are based of great tool Kippo-Graph. You can find them also on GitHub. Links are and

These frontends require data from honeypots stored in postgresql database and that’s why I made forks of those honeypots.

I think that some one could use that so I write this post. 

I plan to publish more improved honeypots in the near future.

Have a nice day,

Stanislav Bárta

GovCERT.CZ (member of Czech Chapter)