Forensic Challenge 14 – “Weird Python“ – Winners

07 Apr 2015 Maximilian Hils challenge

The submission deadline for the Forensic Challenge 14 – “Weird Python“ put up by Thomas Chopieta and Maximilian Hils has passed. We have received 14 submissions totaling to more than 200 pages. Thanks to our workshop team, we are happy to announce the winners who will get tickets for the Honeynet Workshop in Stavanger!

Here are the most excellent submissions:

  1. Lucas McDaniel: Unable to attend the workshop
  2. Miroslav Stampar: Ticket for the full workshop (3 days), including 3 nights of hotel (Value: ~3000 USD)
  3. Gael Muller: Ticket for the full workshop (3 days) (Value: 2450 USD)
  4. Matthew Fata: Unable to attend the workshop
  5. Barun Kumar Basak: Unable to attend the workshop
  6. Marcin Szymankiewicz: Two tickets for the first day (Value: 1380 USD)
  7. Dalibor Dukic & Hrvoje Spoljar

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the other participants! For everyone interested, we published a crowd-sourced write-up on the challenge page. Also, thank you for the extremely positive feedback we received on the challenge design. We’re looking forward to meeting you in Stavanger!

Maximilian Hils
The Honeynet Project