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Kippo fork - all in one

12 Nov 2014 Katarina Durechova kippo


last week I published kippo fork
which contains commits from
(Michel Oosterhof brought awesome SFTP, and exec support)
and original kippo
(I am very pleased is now on github. was on google code before).

On top of that are my changes:
- use shasum to store binaries from wget and SFTP (less disk space is used)
- store records about SFTP downloads in db
- log client IP and port in textlog
- log only info about downloads in textlog
- config file supports hpfeeds settings (more info in README)
- terminal doesn’t reset when user logs out (no clear screen in ttylog)
- accept port other than 80 in wget (difference from original kippo)

There are other changes from Michel Oosterhof
which I want to add to fork sometime later.

have a nice day,

Katarina Durechova
CZ.NIC (member of Czech Chapter)