Global Glastopf statistics for April 2014

16 Jul 2014 Mikael Keri glastopf logs report statistics

During the month of April the following information was obtained from Glastopf installations worldwide

Number of alert for the period: 1325919

Filenames (RFI) - 10 most common during the period:

Specifically newsworthy event: Ping back”, which is a legit WordPress feature is misused to DoS victims using legit WordPress sites.

URL describing the issue: denial-of-service-attack.html


We started monitoring this event, late into the month. But even so, the top 10 victim sites was hit with a total of 13441 requests.


The targets that we detected was a blend of a legit businesses/services but also a mix of underground forums, hacking and carding sites. Some of the sites targeted were also protected by DDoS mitigation services.

Top pick from list of requested resources:

And a few other request that are “interesting” to highlight

This was a small excerpt from the collected data. I hope this encouraged you to continue to have hpfeeds enabled (or to enable it, if you have turned it off) on your honeypot/honeypots as the data gives a very valuable insight into current threats globally.

System reference:

“Glastopf is a Honeypot which emulates thousands of vulnerabilities to gather data from attacks targeting web applications. The principle behind it is very simple: Reply the correct response to the attacker exploiting the web application.”

For more information please visit: or

All data was collected using hpfriends, for more information please visit: