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Thug in 5 minutes

17 Jun 2014 Ali Ikinci docker thug

Ever wanted to run up a quick instance of Thug on a couple of malicious web sites or try it out but lacked the sys op knowledge or time to install it? Here is the opportunity. Thanks to Docker you can run Thug up in a matter of minutes. Jose Nazario and me have created two docker images which are in the Docker Hub ready to run.

So this is how to do it:

1. Install Docker for your system (Works also on Windows and Macs, see docs) based on the docs here. Below is the procedure on Ubuntu 14.04.

$ sudo apt-get install

2. Get your image (Jose’s is Thug v0.4.31, mine is the latest code)

$ sudo pull jnazario/thug

3. Start virtual filesystem (replace jnazario/thug with riker2000/thug for my build)

$ sudo run -i -t jnazario/thug /bin/bash

4. Run Thug (replace /usr/local/src/thug/src/ with /thug/src/ on my build)

$ python /usr/local/src/thug/src/ -n /tmp/example

A sample analysis for the Blackhole EK: