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New project CEO

07 Oct 2013 Leon van der Eijk project-news

Last week it was announced that Angelo Dell’Aera is elected as our new CEO. Here is a brief description about Angelo.

Angelo Dell’Aera is currently employed as Information Security Officer at International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a specialized agency of the United Nations. He’s currently Chief Executive Officer at Honeynet and leads the Sysenter Honeynet Project Chapter. His interests are mainly related to botnet tracking, honeyclient technologies and malware analysis. Angelo started working as an independent researcher in networking and security research in 1998 focusing his research both on attack and defense techniques mainly focusing on *NIX platforms. Meanwhile he worked as researcher in Politecnico of Bari until June 2004 where his main research argument was TCP congestion control algorithms. His research led to the design of the TCP Westwood+ algorithm and the implementation of its support in the official Linux kernel. He’s the lead developer of the low-interaction honeyclient Thug.