Interesting Reads: Monday 18th June

18 Jun 2012 Matt Erasmus interesting malware monday news reading

Good evening/morning folks.

It’s been fairly busy here at HNP HQ for a number of reasons. That said, there were a number of interesting articles over the weekend I thought I’d hilight here for your reading pleasure. This week seems to be a week of malware so we will stick with that theme.


Malware Hunting with the Sysinternals Tools (video)

Obfuscation #2: Playing entrypoint hide & seek game with dyld

Malware Unpacking Level: Pintool

Yes, we have posted this link a few times via our Twitter stream, but it’s a fantastic series of posts on
malware analysis from a reversing point of view so it’s worth posting again in case anyone doesn’t
follow us on Twitter.

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