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Cuckoo 0.3.1 released

03 Jan 2012 Guillaume Arcas cuckoo-sandbox-malware-analysis

Cuckoo Sandbox 0.3.1 has been released.

The most interesting improvements include:

  • Extensive book guiding from setup to customization.

  • Improved analysis results processing engine.

  • Modular reporting engine with default HTML, TXT and JSON reports being generated.

  • Minimal web server/interface that allows you to browse, search and view HTML reports.

  • Introduction of support to URL submission.

  • UDP connections extraction.

  • A cool new logo. :-)

  • A lot of other things you can find listed in the CHANGELOG file.

You can catch up on the official website:

You can watch a demo video at:

Hope you enjoy our work and as always, feedback is appreciated!