HoneySpider Network Capture-HPC NG is out!

07 Dec 2011 Guillaume Arcas capture-hpc-honeyclient-honeyspider

Client honeypots are tools that actively search servers for malicious data like malware, exploits, malicious PDF files, etc.

The Polish Chapter just released a new version of Capture-HPC originally developed by Christian Seifert and Ramon Steenson of the New Zealand Chapter. Capture-HPC focuses primarily on attacks against, or involving the use of, Web browsers.

It is available for download as binary Debian package on Polish Chapter webpage:

Source code is made available via github:

On the download page you can find a short manual on how to setup the software.

Following people contributed their time and knowledge so this project could be released.

  • Paweł Jacewicz

  • Jarosław Jantura

  • Piotr Kijewski

  • Paweł Krześniak

  • Piotr Lewandowski

  • Marcin Mielniczek

All the best and many successful Capture deployments!