Webviz is out for your reviews

12 Aug 2011 Oguz Yarimtepe

While the “pencil down” date is approaching, i would like to announce the latest situation at Webviz project. From the last time till time, there have been some changes at the visualization:

* The size of the visualization increased * A better map is located as base map * Mesh working principle is changed from country based to IP based. The returning database results are grouped by IP. * Legends are detailed * For a better distributed results, an IP set that is collected for a long period is also added to the database.

The latest result is as below:

You may also check the working one from the website here. Please visit the site with the latest version of Google Chrome of Firefox.

Webviz project has also a documentation here. Please give your feedbacks, suggestions, likes, dislikes, etc. about this work.

mail: oguzyarimtepe at gmail dot com