GSoC 2010 Timeline announced and Honeynet Project will be applying

25 Feb 2010 David Watson gsoc

Last year the Honeynet Project entered Google Summer of Code ( for the first time. We received 9 Google funded student places and also funded 3 more places of our own, all of whom successfully completed their projects in a wide range of areas of open source security R&D. You can find out more in our Google SoC 2009 section of our website (

The time-line for GSoC 2010 has now been made public ( and organisational applications will be held between March 8 - March 13th, with the Honeynet Project hoping to be accepted for at least as many student places as last year.

Currently we are discussing potential project ideas and we will be updating our public web site with GSoC 2010 material during the first week of March, when we’ll also begin seeking student ideas for potential projects too. So if you are interested in participating in GSoC 2010, have a project you would like to pursue or perhaps you have been enjoying our Scan Of the Month forensic challenges and want to learn more about honeynet technologies and open source security software, you can ask questions on #gsoc-honeynet on or send email to [email protected].

More information to follow in the coming days…