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Picviz 'Durian gostoso' 0.6 is out

19 Jun 2009 Victor Amaducci release

Hello all!

In Last night we had released the newest version of PicViz suite (that contains all PicViz tools). Specifically for the GUI, now we can brush the lines dynamically and apply zoom in graph. To allow line brush has been necessary reimplement some important classes of PyQt used in the GUI. It wasn’t easy. But now it works, despite of we must continually improve the line (event) selection.

Get it!


Everything, including download, installation instructions and documentation,
are available on the project webpage:

All required archives can be downloaded from

Dependencies: cmake, bison, flex, pcre library, cairo library, python library (to build bindings).

About this release


The documentation is not up to date, and this is very sad. This will be fixed and documentation for 0.6 will come along. Parsers were not released at the same time too, and they are under a lot of work now.

The name of release is based in a portuguese adjective (gostoso) and in a tipical malaysian fruit (Durian), because we have a malaysian in code team and me, a brazilian.  We expect base future releases name in fruits and laguage.