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Iteolih: Is this worth your time?

05 Jun 2009 Markus Koetter iteolih


due to the length of the whole term Improving the effectiveness of low interaction honeypots, I decided to use Iteolih as uniq abbrevitation. Things are rolling for the project, writing code started, a basic homepage with instructions how to compile/use it was created.

I even had the plan to write about it once or twice, finish something in the code, write about it. When I was done with the code, I got the idea, writing about it was not worth your time.

So this is my first blog post for the project, as I feel guilty after seeing other people blogging frequently about their progress.

Nevertheless, now I got something which might be of intrest to at least .01% of the audience:

After long discussions, OpenSSL applied a three years old patch to make SSL_shutdown working with non blocking sockets.

For better understanding, here is a quality reduced picture.