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Mexican Chapter - Annual Report

12 Feb 2009 Miguel Lopez chapter mexican-chapter-annual-report report


The Mexican HP Chapter members are:

Miguel Hernández y López (

Hugo Gonzalez Robledo (


* Capture HP deployment and a nepenthes sensor in several networks.

* Working with different government agencies in Argentina to implement Nepenthes sensors and honeynets Nepenthes within their networks

* Implementation of several sensors and catch malware samples of many within the National Network for Electronic Banking


* Automatic advisor to ISP Admins to alert them that they have bots in their network, base on RFI behaivor.

* Writing a front-end (web?) for configuring the Nepenthes


Wrote a Chapter on Cyber Security and Global Information Assurance: Threat Analysis and Response Solutions book.

Chapter XVIII: Introduction, Classification and Implementation of Honeypots

ISBN: 978-1-60566-326-5

This book was sponsored by U.S. Air Force Academy, USA

Honeynets at Universidad de Belgrano
Buenos Aires, Argentina

3 papers in spanish about RFI behaivors, and what kind of bots are on a RFI botnet


We are interested in working on Botnets, that is why we are moving into these issues in order to mitigate capture and within university networks in Mexico and Argentina.