Welcome To The Honeynet Project Website!

07 Dec 2008 Lance Spitzner

Welcome to our new website as we enter the age of Web 2.0.  We have created a more dynamic website to allow our membes to create and publish their own content.  We have so many different activities going on with our various members that it can be challenging even for us to keep up.  The goal is that each member can now publish and share with the community whenever they like.  In addition we still have all the old content on the website.  We are still in the process of moving some content over, such as some of our KYE papers.  If you find content missing, a broken link or have any suggestions, please email us at [email protected].

I would like to give a personaly thanks to Jamie Riden, Markus Koetter, Steve Mumford, David Watson and many others who made this website, and our infrastructure possible.  Once again, thanks!

- Lance Spitzner, president.