Released peepdf v0.3

After some time without releasing any new version here is peepdf v0.3. It is not that I was not working in the project, but since the option to update the tool from the command line was released creating new versions became a secondary task. Read more »

取证分析挑战 6 - 分析恶意编码 PDF 档案

取证分析挑战 6:分析恶意编码 PDF 档案 - (由来自马来西亚分支的Mahmud Ab Rahman和Ahmad Azizan Idris提供) 利用含恶意编码 PDF档案进行的典型攻击。
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鑑識分析挑戰 6:分析惡意編碼 PDF 檔案

鑑識分析挑戰 6:分析惡意編碼 PDF 檔案 - (由來自馬來西亞團隊的Mahmud Ab Rahman和Ahmad Azizan Idris提供) 利用含惡意編碼 PDF檔案進行的典型攻擊。
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Is that PDF so scary?

- "it bypasses DEP and ASLR using impressive tricks and unusual methods" - Vupen

- "it uses a previously unpublished technique to bypass ASLR" - Metasploit Blog

- "exploit uses the ROP technique to bypass the ASLR and DEP" - ZDnet/Kasperky
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