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Forensic Challenge 2010/5 - Log Mysteries - Results are in ...

Folks, Sebastien, Anton, Raffy and Julia have judged all submissions and results have been posted on the challenge web site. The winners are:

  1. William Söderberg (sweden)
  2. Nikunj Shah (USA)
  3. David Bernal Michelena (Mexico)

Congratulations to the winners.

Apparently challenge 5 was a true challenge. While we had many folks hit the challenge web site, we only received 7 submissions in total and quite a few participants missed more subtle attacks embedded in the deep corner of the logs. This illustrates how difficult log analysis is and a reason why we included it in the mix of challenges. The original challenge files remain on the web site and we have posted the top three submissions from Wiliam, Nikunj and David. Take a look and see whether you would have been able to identify all attacks in the logs.

With challenge 5 completed, we are getting ready to launch challenge 6 on November 1st. This challenge has been prepared by Mahmud and Ahmad from the Malaysian Chapter. It deals with 'Analyzing Malicious Portable Destructive File' and we hope to see you participating.

Christian Seifert
Chief Communications Officer
The Honeynet Project

Forensic Challenge 2010/5 - Log Mysteries - just a few days left to submit your solution

The deadline for the Forensic Challenge 2010/5 - Log Mysteries is quickly approaching. It seems like this challenge is a hard nut to crack as we only received a few submissions so far. If you like a challenge, give it a try. The deadline is September 30th 2010. You can access the challenge at Did I mention there are prizes?

Forensic Challenge 2010/5 - Log Mysteries is now live

After a short break, I am pleased to announce the next forensic challenge: Forensic Challenge 5 - Log Mysteries. This challenge takes you into the world of virtual systems and confusing log data. Figure out what happened to a virtual server using all the logs from a possibly compromised server.

Challenge 5 has been created by Raffael Marty from the Bay Area Chapter, Anton Chuvakin from the Hawaiian Chapter, and Sebastien Tricaud from the French Chapter. It is a bit more open ended than the last challenges, so I am really looking forward to some creative answers!

Submission deadline is September 30th and we will be announcing winners around October 21st. We have a few small prizes for the top three submission.


The winners of the 4th Forensic Challenge 2010 VoIP are ...

The 4th Forensic Challenge on VoIP has come to an end. We had a total of 21 submissions with several submissions from Chinese speakers which has been made possible by Julia, Jianwei and Roland from the Chinese speaking chapters.

The winners of the 4th Forensic Challenge 2010 VoIP are:

  1. Franck Guenichot (France)
  2. Fabio Panigatti (Italy)
  3. Shaun Zinck (USA)

We have posted their submissions onto the challenge web site so you can see what top notch submissions they provided. Franck, Fabio and Shaun will be awarded with small book prizes. Congratulations!

Thanks to all who participated in the challenge in particular Ben Reardon from the Australian and Sjur Eivind Usken from Norwegian Chapter who made this challenge possible. Read more »

Forensic Challenge 2010/4 - VoIP - 4 days left!

Folks, the submission deadline for our Forensic Challenge 4 - VoIP is quickly approaching. The deadline is this Wednesday and so you have another 4 days to submit your solution.

The challenge is quite different than our previous challenges. It was provided by Ben Reardon from the Australian and Sjur Eivind Usken from Norwegian Chapter - and takes you into the realm of voice communication on the Internet. Thanks to our Chinese speaking chapters, it is also available in simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. Read more »

The Honeynet Project 鑑識分析挑戰中文版啟航

The Honeynet Project 是一個國際知名的開源資訊安全研究團隊,致力於提升Internet的安全。 Read more »

The Honeynet Project取证分析挑战中文版启航,欢迎华语世界安全人士参与

The Honeynet Project是一个国际知名的开源信息安全研究团队,致力于提升Internet的安全。 Read more »

Forensic Challenge 2010/4 - VoIP is now live

Challenge 4 of the Honeynet Project Forensic Challenge - titled "VoIP" - is now live. This challenge 4 - provided by Ben Reardon from the Australian and Sjur Eivind Usken from Norwegian Chapter - takes you into the realm of voice communications on the Internet. VoIP with SIP is becoming the de-facto standard. As this technology becomes more common, malicious parties have more opportunities and stronger motives to take control of these systems to conduct nefarious activities. This Challenge is designed to examine and explore some of attributes of the SIP and RTP protocols.

Note that our Chinese speaking chapters (Julia Cheng from the Taiwanese Chapter, Jianwei Zhuge from the Chinese Chapter and Roland Cheung from the Hongkong Chapter) have taken great initiative and translated the challenge into Chinese, which is available from the simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese pages (will be posted by EOD today.)

With this challenge, we are getting on a firm 2 month cycle. You will have one month to submit (deadline is June 30th 2010) and results will be released approximately 3 weeks later. Small prizes will be awarded to the top three submissions.

Enjoy the challenge! Read more »

Forensic Challenge 2010/3 - "banking troubles" - and the winners are ....

Josh, Angelo, Matt and Nicolas finished evaluating the submissions for FC2010/3 banking troubles. Again, lots of great submissions! We had a total of 22 and the top performers for FC2010/3 are:

  1. Mario Pascucci (Italy)
  2. Tyler Hudak (USA)
  3. Carl Pulley (UK)

Congratulations to the winners and all the folks that participated in the challenge - this was not an easy one. Each winner will receive a signed book from one of our Honeynet Project authors. We have posted the submissions of the winners and sample solution on the FC2010/3 web page. All participants should have also received an email today with information about their individual score as well as placement. Read more »

How can we improve the Forensic Challenge?

Folks, the submission deadline for the Forensic Challenge 3 – “Banking Troubles” has passed. We have received 22 submissions and will be announcing results on Wednesday, May 12th 2010. With the 3rd challenge coming to an end, we would love to get your feedback on the challenges: Which challenge did you enjoy in particular and why? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the challenge? Is there a particular challenge you would like to see in the future? Send your feedback to [email protected]

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