December 22, 2017

HoneyNED chapter had a busy 2017

This is a contribute by HoneyNED chapter from the Netherlands about all their 2017 activities. As the end of the year has come, we from HoneyNED, […]
July 16, 2014

Global Glastopf statistics for April 2014

During the month of April the following information was obtained from Glastopf installations worldwide Number of alert for the period: 1325919 Filenames (RFI) – 10 most […]
December 5, 2012

French Chapter Status Report 2012

ORGANIZATION Active members: – Sébastien Tricaud – Guillaume Arcas – Anthony Desnos – Franck Guénichot – François-René Hamelin – Christophe Grenier DEPLOYMENTS We have following technologies […]
December 4, 2012

UK Chapter Annual Status Report 2011/2012

The UK Chapter’s annual status report for 2011/2012 has been published at
November 24, 2012

Pakistan Chapter Status Report For 2012

ORGANIZATION Faiz Ahmad Shuja is founder and chapter lead of Pakistan Chapter and an active member since 2003. He is responsible for the management and maintenance […]
November 11, 2012

UAE Chapter Status Report For 2012

ORGANIZATIONAhmad Alajail – Chapter LeadAhmad Hassan – MemberAnastasios Monachos – New MemberAndrew Marrington – New MemberMajid Al Ali – Member DEPLOYMENTSwe have successfully change all of […]
November 6, 2012

Canadian Chapter Status Report For 2011

ORGANIZATION Last year our chapter membership has gone through several changes: some members moved to new places and new positions and are no longer a part […]
November 5, 2012

Spartan Devils Chapter Status Report For 2012

Spartan Devils Chapter Status Report For 2012 ORGANIZATION Our current membership includes: Gail Joon Ahn (Arizona State University) Tom Holt, (Michigan State University) Max Kilger, and […]
December 16, 2009

Italian Chapter updates

Folks, I would like to inform you all about our recent activities that we are attempting to achieve. First of all, we have totally rebuilt our […]