Conpot – Low interaction server side ICS honeypot

About Conpot

Conpot is a low interactive server side Industrial Control Systems honeypot designed to be easy to deploy, modify and extend. By providing a range of common industrial control protocols we created the basics to build your own system, capable to emulate complex infrastructures to convince an adversary that he just found a huge industrial complex. To improve the deceptive capabilities, we also provided the possibility to server a custom human machine interface to increase the honeypots attack surface. The response times of the services can be artificially delayed to mimic the behaviour of a system under constant load. Because we are providing complete stacks of the protocols, Conpot can be accessed with productive HMI’s or extended with real hardware. Conpot is developed under the umbrella of the Honeynet Project and on the shoulders of a couple of very big giants.

Conpot’s homepage is available on

Open Source

All of our code is open source and available on Github: The project is under active development and we appreciate any feedback or contributions.


We hang out on where we rant about the greatness of the various protocols we are working with. We have a public mailing list [email protected] which is mainly used for announcements.


The Conpot development team is a group of dudes who are enthusiastic about open source and in deep love with honeypots. Although they never met face to face, they would never hesitate to donate a liver to a colleague in need. We are an open group and welcome new members.