honeyTARG Chapter

The honeyTARG Chapter is focused on using low-interaction honeypots to gather information about the Internet infrastructure's abuse by attackers and spammers.

Main website: http://honeytarg.cert.br/

Currently we have the following projects:

  • Spampots Project
  • Distributed Honeypots for Attack Trend Analysis

The Spampots Project uses low-interaction honeypots to gather data
related to the abuse of the Internet infrastructure by spammers. The
main goals are:

  • measure the problem from a different point of view: abuse of infrastructure X spams received at the destination
  • help develop the spam characterization research
  • measure the abuse of network infrastructure to send spam

Website: http://honeytarg.cert.br/spampots/

The Distributed Honeypots Project is a network comprised of distributed low-interaction honeypots (using Honeyd), hosted at partner organizations, covering a comprehensive portion of the Brazilian IPv4 address space.

As part of this Project we maintain:

  • A system to notify the CSIRTs (Computer Security Incident Response Teams) of networks that generate attacks against the honeypots;
  • Public statistics:
    • Daily statistics for the network flow data directed to honeypots;
    • Hourly port summary statistics for TCP/UDP traffic data directed to honeypots, including trends observed.

Website: http://honeytarg.cert.br/honeypots/