THE Chapter Status Report 2014


List of current THE chapter members and their activities:

  • Alessandro Tanasi (UBI Bank Cyber Security, Cuckoo developer)
  • Claudio Guarnieri (Independent researcher, Cuckoo developer)
  • Cornelius Aschermann (RWTH University, Phd Student)
  • Felix Glaser (
  • Jurriaan Bremer (Consultancy, Cuckoo Developer)
  • Tobias Jarmuzek (RWTH Aachen University, Master Student)


The project and the project members are running different kind of honeypots and malware analysis tools, sometimes developing some tools or script to glue them toghever. This a list current technology deployed:

  • Cuckoo Sandbox
  • Dionea
  • Kippo
  • Some little UDP honepot scripts (i.e. DNS)
  • Glastopf
  • monIE

Developed Projects

The project members are really active reserching (some academic research as master thesis) and developing tools, for example:

  • Cuckoo Sandbox
  • VMCloak
  • Viper
  • RDBG
  • Malwr
  • Goatse.mbr
  • monIE (to be released after thesis submission)

Papers and Presentations

We informed people worldwide about Cuckoo Sandbox' existence through various talks and workshops.


With the particular skills in common between the team member the first goal is to keep running reserch activities to feed ideas into existing tools, improving them, or creating new tools for our malware (mainly analysis but not limited to) toolset. A second goal is focusing on honeypots and reversing tools.