Alaska Chapter Status Report (2014)

• Brian Hay (Chapter Lead, Full Member)
• Kara Nance (BoD Member, Full Member)
• Ron Dodge (Full Member)
• Chris Hecker
• Clark Harshbarger
• Matt Bishop
• Wesley McGrew
• Lucas McDaniel
• 1 honeypot in Alaska
• Periodic honeypot deployments in both public and private clouds for student and demonstration use.
• The creation of a Honeydrive template for EC2, which we have shared privately with several other users (since the Honeydrive distro is not ours, of course, we have not made the EC2 version publicly available).  This template has been used to deploy instances for many classes and workshops.
1. Ongoing development of hypervisor-based honeypot monitoring using virtual machine introspection (VMI) on Xen and KVM platforms.
2. Ongoing development of an IPMI honeypot.
• BoD Member
• Annual workshop committee
• Management of software licenses (MSDN, VMware)
• Hosted and taught several single day honeynet workshops (primarily in the US, at no-charge, to increase awareness of honeypots amongst enterprises).