Singapore Honeynet Chapter Status Report for 2014

•Cecil Su: Chapter Lead, Early Warning System, Honeypots deployment, Data Analysis.
•Nicolas Collery: Development, Malware analysis and RCE, Data analysis.
•Vicky Khan: Development, Malware analysis, Research
•Vijay Vikram: Center Manager, Research, Development, Honeypots deployment.
•Emil Jingwei: Research guide.
•Rong Hwa: Development, Malware analysis and RCE, Honeypots deployment, Data analysis.
•Christopher Lek: Research, Honeepi deployment, Data Analysis.
1.Dionaea sensor
2.Kippo sensor
3.Glastopf sensor
4.Conpot sensor
5.Cuckoo sandbox
7.Data Visualization using Dionaea-FR, kippo-graph, Elastic search + kibana
The new release of honeeepi  was build from fresh version of strip down raspbian OS. This version supports both Raspberry pi version B and B+ with an additional of honeypot like kippo, glastopf, conpot together with dionaea.  Bundled with network monitoring package, ntop, it allow the monitoring of network traffic, tracking of connection to the honeypots real time. The remote pcap package allowed the capturing of pcap from the honeypot for offline storage and analysis. The snort package also allowed the tuning and testing of intrusion signature hitting on the honeypots. Live node of Honeeepi was deployed in the Singapore campus of James Cook University.
C.Lek contributed to the new version of honeeepi project with support for raspberry pi b+, added, kippo, glastopf, conpot and other packages for network monitor and pcap analysis.
We are continuing the push for more recognition and awareness of understanding the threats and deployment methods of honeynets in Singapore and the region.
One of our members Emil have been revamping our website, and continually trying to improve the contents.
•Engagement with student chapters for honeypot deployment
•Explore monitoring capability and data analysis
The Singapore Honeynet Chapter members continue to be mentors to the Singapore Polytechnic final-year students in their honeynet-related projects.