Canadian Chapter Status Report For 2013

Our chapter went through a number of reorganizations, with a number of students leaving and our most active Toronto members drifting away. At this point, we’re the leanest we have ever been. Our current members include Ali Ghorbani (lead) and Natalia Stakhanova. We remain hopeful that we will grow into a larger chapter in the coming year.


1. List any new tools, projects or ideas you are currently researching or developing.

Android Malware Classification:
This is ongoing area of research for us. There are a couple of research directions that we are pursuing at this point: malware authorship attribution, a new reference system for malware and android malware similarity detection.

Application layer DoS attacks:
With the rapid development of application layer DoS attacks, this year we are focusing on the analysis of these attacks’ impact.

2. Explain what kind of help or tools or collaboration you are interested in.

We would be very interested in any collaboration alone the current topics.


H. Gonzalez, M.-A. Gosselin-Lavigne, N. Stakhanova, and A. Ghorbani. The impact of application layer denial of service attacks. In B. Issac and N. Israr, editors, Case Studies in Secure Computing - Achievements and Trends. ISBN# 978-1-4822-0706-4. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, 2014
Poster on a preliminary work:

J. Rrushi, A.Ghorbani, A mathematical exploitation of simulated uniform scanning botnet propagation dynamics for early stage detection and management, Journal of Computer Virology and Hacking Techniques, Accepted, 2013.

D. Zhao, I. Traore, B. Sayed, W. Lu, S. Saad, A. Ghorbani and D. Garant, Botnet Detection based on Traffic Behavior Analysis and Flow Intervals, Computer & Security, Accepted, 2013.

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M. Bateni, A. Baraani and A. Ghorbani, Using Artificial Immune System and Fuzzy Logic for Alert Correlation,International Journal of Network Security, vol.15, no.3, pp.190-204, 2013.

Nari, S.; Ghorbani, A.A., Automated malware classification based on network behavior, 2013 International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC) , vol., no., pp.642,647, 28-31 Jan. 2013.

Natalia Stakhanova gave an invited presentation "Malware authorship attribution" at Security Congress 2013 in Mexico City.

H. Gonzalez, N. Stakhanova. The impact of application layer Denial of Service attacks. Presentation. Mount Allison University, Canada


Rebuild the chapter.

We would also like to continue our work on offering security workshop sessions to community.


We have developed and taught a security summer camp for girls titled CyberGirlz - CSI: Cyber Security Investigation. The camp introduced girls to basic Internet security concepts and their application in real life.