Vietnam Chapter Status Report - 2012


No change in the structure of chapter

Chapter Member

  • Leaders: Thanh Nguyen, Long Le
  • Members: Duong Ngoc Thai, Khiem Nguyen, Le Ngoc Hieu, Le Hong Viet, Mai Linh, Nguyen Anh Quynh, Nguyen Hong Phuc, Pham Mai Quan, Pham Van Toan, Vo Dai Chuyen
  • Others
    • ISeLAB ( from Vietnam National University (represented by Bui Thanh Phong)
    • We also have contributors who are members of Singapore and Malaysia Honeynet Projects:
      • Eugene Teo
      • Kaijern Lau

The Chapter members are interested in research projects covering the following topics

  • Botnet detection and behavior analysis
  • Automated malware collection and analysis systems
  • Automated botnet tracking
  • Low/Hi-interaction client honeypots


- Low interaction honeypot systems
- Dionaea


  • Analyzed the botnet of attacks/incidents in Vietnam
  • Automated malware and malicious documents analysis system
  • IPv6 attack detection and mitigation (GSoC project)


Next year goals

  • HI honeypot deployment
  • Automated malware and malicious documents analysis system
  • Establish relationship with VietCERT, other organizations and universities


  • Honeynet Project workshop
  • Mentor for the Honeynet Project's GSOC 2012