Project Name: Project 7 - Rumāl (or just Rumal)
Mentor: Pietro Delsante (IT)
Backup mentor: Andrea De Pasquale (IT)
Student: Tarun Kumar
Skills required: Python, Django + TastyPie, HTML/JavaScript, MongoDB
Project type: Improve existing tool
Project goal: Provide a web GUI for Thug, designed as a sort of social network where data can be enriched with metadata coming from various sources, and where users can share results, settings, analyses and whatever else.

Thug is a client honeypot developed during previous GSoC years that is used to analyse potentially malicious websites. Now that Thug is pretty stable and in general use, this project aims to be Thug's dress - providing a convenient web GUI - but also its weapon, as it should provide a set of tools that should enrich Thug's output with new metadata and allow for correlation of results.
While it is perfectly possible to use it as a simple web GUI for Thug on your own computer, with you as the only user, Rumāl has been designed to support multi-user environments, just like a sort of social network, allowing you to share your results and your settings with other users and groups.

The first version of Rumāl interfaces with the results that Thug already saves in MongoDB in its default configuration, and provides a convenient way to display the results and to perform cross-analysis searches and correlations. Future releases should also enrich the analysis results with metadata (e.g. WHOIS for domains and IP addresses, connectors with Cuckoo, VirusTotal, comments and votes from users, and so on).

Rumāl is written in pure Python, using Django for the web server and Django-Tastypie for the APIs; the HTML/JavaScript part is made with standard libraries like Bootstrap 3, jQuery, jQuery UI, DataTables and so on.

You can find more info about Rumāl in this blog post.


Pietro and Tarun wrote a great blog post summarizing their result.