GSoC Accepted Projects

Please note that GSoC 2011 has now successfully completed. This content is being retained for reference only.

This page contains the accepted projects for GSoc 2011. Each link will take you to the specific project page with a project description and updates during the course of GSoc.

  1. Improve our high interaction client honeypot Capture-HPC
  2. HonEeeBox Data Management Interface
  3. Honeynet Visualization
  4. Web based visualization for malware/attack analysis
  5. DroidBox: An Android Application Sandbox for Dynamic Analysis
  6. Static Analysis of Android Malware
  7. Network Sinkhole
  8. Extending Wireshark Analysis
  9. Cuckoobox
  10. Hypervisor data collection
  11. VoIP low interaction server honeypots
  12. Improving shellcode emulation performance

Next milestone: GSoC 2011 coding complete and all 12 students have successfully passed the mid-term and final assessments. Great work and congratulations everyone, thanks for your hard work students and mentors! You can find the end of summer tarballs on Google Code and we'll eventually be adding individual links to ongoing source code repositories on each of our individual accepted project pages. See you on #gsoc2011-honeynet on or on our various mailing lists.