Project Slot 7 - Network Analyzer (Hao Ma)

Student: Hao Ma (CN)
Primary mentor: Oğuz Yarımtepe (TR)
Backup mentor: Adam Pridgen (US), Nicolas Collery (FR/SG)

Google Melange:

Project Overview:
Description of project goals, approach and deliverables

The project aimed to analyze network raw traffic data and generate human readable results either on cli or on web.

Project Plan:

June 10th - June 17th: Setup Honeycloud. Prepare Cuckoo Sandbox and other tools.
June 17th - June 24th: Coding officially starts. Doing UML and workflow as well as coding for integration with Cuckoo Sandbox over API.
June 24th - July 1st: Sending data to Cuckoo sandbox over API and retrieving results from Cuckoo
July 1st - July 8th: Sending data to jsunpack-n over API and retrieving results from jsunpack-n
July 8th - July 15th: Sending data to Virustotal over API and retrieving results from Virustotal
July 15th - July 22th: Generate results and export to files and implement the CLI
July 22th - July 26th: To be elastic and Prepare for mid-term evaluation

Project Source Code Repository:

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