Project Slot 11 - Improving HPFeedsVisualization

Student: Vincent Wei-Chen Kao (TW)
Primary mentor: Julia Yuchin Cheng (TW)
Backup mentor: Hugo Gascón (ES/DE)

Google Melange:

Project Overview:
In this project ,We will complete a log analysis system.These logs are from HPFeeds and this system will achieve the
following four goals:

  • First of all we will extract objects which from thug event logs or thug file logs as like url,hostname,and malware
    to build the transmission graph.The relationships between malicious web pages and malware will be presented in the
  • The second,we will provide a function is to observe the evolution of transmission graph.
  • The third,Because we are interested in which node is the more activity,we should design an algorithm to score
    activity in these nodes.
  • Finally,we could summarize the relationships to form several intentions,and should simplified the transmission graph
    into the intention grpah.

Project Plan:

  • May 27th - June 17th: Community Bonding Period
  • June 17th : GSoC 2013 coding officially starts
  • June 17th - June 24th: Familiar with the system architecture and test environment

    Project Activities:
    Week 1 Familiar with the system architecture and test environment
    Week 1 Learning HeliosJS
  • June 24th - July 1st:

    Project Activities:
    Week 2 development tasks

    Project Source Code Repository:
    not yet online

    Student Weekly Blog:

    Project Useful Links:

    [1] White, D. R., & Borgatti, S. P. (1994 October) Betweenness centrality measures for directed graphs. 16 (4), 335-346.
    [2] Zemljič, B., & Hlebec, V. (2005 January) Reliability of measures of centrality and prominence. 27 (1), 73-88.