Forensic Challenge 2010/5 – Log Mysteries – Results are in …

Folks, Sebastien, Anton, Raffy and Julia have judged all submissions and results have been posted on the challenge web site. The winners are:

  1. William Söderberg (sweden)
  2. Nikunj Shah (USA)
  3. David Bernal Michelena (Mexico)

Congratulations to the winners.

Apparently challenge 5 was a true challenge. While we had many folks hit the challenge web site, we only received 7 submissions in total and quite a few participants missed more subtle attacks embedded in the deep corner of the logs. This illustrates how difficult log analysis is and a reason why we included it in the mix of challenges. The original challenge files remain on the web site and we have posted the top three submissions from Wiliam, Nikunj and David. Take a look and see whether you would have been able to identify all attacks in the logs.

With challenge 5 completed, we are getting ready to launch challenge 6 on November 1st. This challenge has been prepared by Mahmud and Ahmad from the Malaysian Chapter. It deals with ‘Analyzing Malicious Portable Destructive File’ and we hope to see you participating.

Christian Seifert
Chief Communications Officer
The Honeynet Project