Forensic Challenge 2010/3 – “banking troubles” – and the winners are ….

Josh, Angelo, Matt and Nicolas finished evaluating the submissions for FC2010/3 banking troubles. Again, lots of great submissions! We had a total of 22 and the top performers for FC2010/3 are:

  1. Mario Pascucci (Italy)
  2. Tyler Hudak (USA)
  3. Carl Pulley (UK)

Congratulations to the winners and all the folks that participated in the challenge – this was not an easy one. Each winner will receive a signed book from one of our Honeynet Project authors. We have posted the submissions of the winners and sample solution on the FC2010/3 web page. All participants should have also received an email today with information about their individual score as well as placement.

Also a big thanks to Josh (RIT), Angelo (Italian), Matt (RIT) and Nicolas (Singapore) who have put up the challenge. Special thanks to Angelo, who judged the remaining submissions last week despite his limited Internet access from the beach 🙂 – Thank you all!

Of course, we have the 4th challenge in the pipeline. However, moving forward, we will be adjusting our schedule slightly. Instead of the irregular schedule and expanding submission deadlines, we will move to a fixed two month schedule. On the first of the next month, we will be publishing the next challenge and allow for one full month for submissions. The results will be announced towards the end of the following month (probably 3rd week) and a new challenge will be kick off on the following 1st of the month again. We hope this will accommodate you better and allow you to plan a bit to participate.

So onto challenge 4 – this time, Sjur Usken from the Norwegian chapter and Ben Reardon from the Australian chapter are putting up the challenge. It may cause some flashbacks into the days of phreaking and blue boxes: Their challenge will be covering VoIP attacks. I am very excited to about this challenge and your submissions!

Thanks again – looking forward to a successful and active challenge 4.

Christian Seifert

Chief Communications Officer

The Honeynet Project

PS: Currently we put up small prizes for the challenge as a small tokens of recognition. If you would like to sponsor prizes for a forensic challenge, please contact me at [email protected]