Forensic Challenge 2010/2 – “browsers under attack” – and the winners are ….

Nicolas and Guillaume have been judging your submissions of the FC2010/2 relentlessly over the last few days and we now have the results in: We had a total of 32 submissions and a very tight race at the top. In the end, four submissions tied for first place:

  • Franck Guenichot (France)
  • Mario Pascucci (Italy)
  • Rani Hod (Israel)
  • Vos (Russia)

Congratulations to the winners!!! Each winner will receive a signed book from one of our Honeynet Project authors. We have posted the submissions of the winners and sample solution on the FC2010/2 web page. All participants of the challenge should have also received an email today with information about their individual score as well as placement.

Please join me in thanking the folks that have put up FC2010/2: Nicolas Collery from the Singapore Chapter and Guillaume Arcas from the French Chapter. Coming up with a great challenge that is both interesting and educational requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Nicolas and Guillaume have put in a lot of effort in the last few weeks and through most of the weekend to make this challenge a success. Thank you!

Josh Smith and Matt Cote (RIT chapter), Angelo Dell’Aera (Italian chapter) and Nicolas Collery (Signapore chapter) are finalizing the third forensic challenge, which will be posted in the next few days. This challenge – called ‘Banking Troubles’ – asks to perform forensic work on an incident that has occured at a company X. One of their employees opened a pdf file. While no sign of trouble was apparent, some suspicious activity occurred on their bank account. Company X was able to obtain a memory image of the employee’s (virtual) machine…

Thanks again – looking forward to a successful and active challenge 3.

Christian Seifert

Chief Communications Officer

The Honeynet Project