Indian Chapter

Founded in July/2009, the Indian Honeynet Chapter focuses on Malware attacks, WiFi and Bluetooth security.
Members of Chapter include experienced individuals from large IT organizations in India, few of whom are also involved directly or indirectly with the Law enforcement, Defense and Cyber crime divisions under the Government of India.
The Chapter intends to launch a largely distributed Honeynet across India to help research and report its learning to the Honeynet community.

Indian Honeynet Project : Chapter Status Report For 2014

Indian Honeynet Chapter
Annual Update Report 2014
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Indian Honeynet Project : Chapter Status Report For 2011/2012


IHP has an open membership call and at last count there are 280 members. The members are a unique mix of people who are students, academics, professionals and researchers. We add a few interested members every month through submissions via our website and the chapter is well known in security circles in the country.


Indian Honeynet Project : Chapter Status Report For 2011


The Indian Honeynet Project (IHP) ( joined the Honeynet Project on July 25, 2009
Current chapter members are from all over the country and the total strength is 150. A list of chapter members is available on the website with a brief introduction about their interests. There are no fees and all activities are driven by individuals voluntarily.


1. List current technologies deployed.
2. Activity timeline: Highlight attacks, compromises, and interesting information collected. Read more »

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