Forensic Challenge 1 (2010) – PCAP attack trace

Challenge 1 – pcap attack trace – (provided by Tillmann Werner from the Giraffe Chapter) is to investigate a network attack.
Send submissions no later then 17:00 EST, Monday, February 1st 2010. Results will be released on Monday, February 15th 2010. Small prizes will be awarded to the top three submissions.

Skill Level: Intermediate

The Challenge:
A network trace with attack data is provided. (Note that the IP address of the victim has been changed to hide the true location.) Analyze and answer the following questions:

  1. Which systems (i.e. IP addresses) are involved? (2pts)
  2. What can you find out about the attacking host (e.g., where is it located)? (2pts)
  3. How many TCP sessions are contained in the dump file? (2pts)
  4. How long did it take to perform the attack? (2pts)
  5. Which operating system was targeted by the attack? And which service? Which vulnerability? (6pts)
  6. Can you sketch an overview of the general actions performed by the attacker? (6pts)
  7. What specific vulnerability was attacked? (2pts)
  8. What actions does the shellcode perform? Pls list the shellcode. (8pts)
  9. Do you think a Honeypot was used to pose as a vulnerable victim? Why? (6pts)
  10. Was there malware involved? Whats the name of the malware? (We are not looking for a detailed malware analysis for this challenge) (2pts)
  11. Do you think this is a manual or an automated attack? Why? (2pts)

Sample Solution:
Forensic Challenge 2010 – Scan 1 – Solution_final.pdf Sha1: 7482a4d020cddde845344f8b02e05012

This work by Tillmann Werner is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

The Winners:

  1. Ivan Rodriguez Almuina (Switzerland) – Ivan’s submission – Sha1: 988d675a83ab8a4d6487ef69b16b3cfd41d1c7d6
  2. Franck Guenichot (France) – Franck’s submission – Sha1: c951552faf6118a352cc33a9b001350df9050575
  3. Tareq Saade (USA) – Tareq’s subission – Sha1: 969e73527a2c7a1b27e6b36f4cfa324fd8a66e94
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Ivan Rodriguez Almuina – Forensic Challenge 2010 – Challenge 1_Eval.pdf285.58 KB
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