July 14, 2011

DroidBox: alpha release

The Android application sandbox is now ready for an alpha release. Details on how to get DroidBox running are available at the project webpage. At the […]
July 8, 2011

Midterm Report: Project.6 Static Analysis of Android Malware

For the forthcoming midterm evaluation of Gsoc2011, I made a lot of progress with the code and now I’m about to publish the alpha release. Before […]
June 22, 2011

DroidBox: testing with Geinimi sample

One of the very first Android malwares, Geinimi has been analyzed in the application sandbox DroidBox that is currently being developed. The project is part of […]
February 7, 2011

Improve the security of unlocking your smartphone

There is a paper at WOOT 10′ described how to use smudges on the touch sceen of a smartphone to get largely decrease the time an […]
January 31, 2011

First-ever Honeynet Project Public Conference–Paris 2011

It is with great pleasure I announce the first-ever Honeynet Project Public Conference, held alongside with the traditional Honeynet Project Annual Workshop. The event will be […]
December 2, 2010

Another possible way to intercept function calls in QEMU

I’m developing a syscall interception tool for Android as a course’s project. While it is relatively simple to intercept calling into the system services (introduced at […]